In Nairobi, ISNAD-Africa seeks solutions to challenges of green growth in Africa

As Africa works towards achieving a green economy, International Support Network for Africa Development (ISNAD-AFRICA) has called for technology based solutions to speed up the development across the continent.

Speaking at a validation workshop organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on November 6, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya, founder of ISNAD-Africa, Adedoyin Adeleke noted that developing a platform that would enable the continent to share ideas and increase awareness on green economy would fast track Africa’s transition to green economy.

[Participants at the workshop]

He noted that ISNAD-Africa would continue to support initiatives that improve a sustainable environment, climate and provide sustainable energy.

Represented by one of the organisation’s Communication Associates, Kingsley Jeremiah, Adeleke said the NGO is currently bridging skill gap to ensure that Africa raise the bar in the development of green growth.

At the workshop, WWF appreciated the efforts that were made to make the document, developed by selected pan Africa NGO to drive green growth on the continent a reality.

The group noted that the intention of the workshop was to develop a workable document that would guide the continent, towards achieving green growth and sustainable development.

One of the highlights at the event was ISNAD-Africa’s idea on developing a platform that could bridge skill gap and increase knowledge on green growth and sustainable development.

The idea was rated very innovative and asked to be pursued since lack of skill and adequate knowledge of green growth and sustainable development was identified as major challenges on the continent.

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