ISNAD-Africa Environmental Education Programme Interactive Session With the students at MADA International College, Yaounde Cameroon

Mada International College, Yaounde, Cameroon

The Environmental Education Programme (EEP) seeks to raise the awareness of secondary school students on the challenges and opportunities in the green growth in Africa. The programme is conducted anually under the supervision of Ms Sonma Agatha-Christy Okoro, the Manager, Administration of ISNAD-Africa. The objective is to facilitate critical thinking towards finding sustainable solutions to environmental and energy issues facing their communities. The webinar is also aimed at motivating students to pursue professions in the field of sustainable energy (renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy access), environmental sustainability, and climate change disciplines.

To this end, a preparatory workshop was held Mada International College, Cameroon, to interact and exchange ideas with the students and staff on the subject of environmental sustainability. The school Director Mr Abah Georges Mendi, then Coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), expressed his enthusiasm for the prospects and goals of the Environmental Education Program.


The workshop featured presentations from ISNAD-Africa, as well as the students who participated in the session. Mr Adeleke Adedoyin presented on Capacity building on Environmental Sustainability, calling up the youth see challenges existing in their environment as opportunities to be change makers in terms of sustainability. In addition, the students got to learn about various careers opportunities renewable energy sector. On the other hand, the students presented their observation of challenges in Africa’s energy sector. Five students among which three boys and two girls worked on the presentation. They approached the problem by identifying renewable energy as a solution to the named challenges; and stated their qualities and variety of sources. However, they highlighted the limited access to the technologies due to the high cost of equipment.

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session, with questions from the students showing their keen interest in the subjects discussed and sharing ideas on projects they could implement.


As a result of this engagement, Mada International College committed to setting up an environmental club and rendering more visible the recycling activities they carry out. A highlight was their recent collection of waste car tyres that were often burned to recycle as decoration items in the school premises. It was encouraging to note that this activity was carried out by students. ISNAD-Africa committed to further promote such initiatives online and via other media in order to showcase how the youth can take a hands-on approach towards solving problems identified in their environment.

A positive feedback from the students’ parents on the interactive session with ISNAD-Africa came up during the Parents’ Teachers Association meeting that took place few days later.

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