Students from Mada International College at the EEP webinar

ISNAD-Africa extends its Environmental Education Programme to Schools in Cameroon and Uganda

ISNAD-Africa hosted another engaging session of the Environmental Education Programme (EEP) which brought together two schools across Africa – Mada International College, Yaoundé, Cameroon and URDT Girls’ school, Kagadi, Uganda. The programme is aimed at enlightening secondary school students on environment and sustainability issues and encouraging them to get involved in finding sustainable solutions to challenges facing their communities.

 The EEP webinar featured speakers based in the United States and Qatar, both members of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAEE). Maureen Ferry, Founder/Creator HouseStories introduced the ‘Urban Engineers’ framework which provides models for students to apply systems thinking to their specific geography and environmental realities. Building on the students’ science knowledge, Stephanie Dobbie, Environmental Education Consultant, gave a presentation on the importance of regenerative agriculture on ecosystem resilience. Altogether 13 students and 8 teachers from the schools participated in the event.

As a run-up to the webinar, the students carried out a project exercise where they applied the concepts to come up with their vision and big ideas for tackling environmental issues in their community. Mada International College presented an impressive “Green City” project, including innovative energy-harvesting solutions. While students from URDT Girls’ school shared with us their ambitious vision for a protected and conserved environment through engagement with stakeholders like the government, community members and fellow students.

This session revealed the potentials, ideas and resources that we have in materialising great perspectives among the youth towards sustainability in Africa. We acknowledge the effort and contributions of the teachers and commitments of the students in the two schools. Our appreciation also goes to the facilitators and presenters for coordinating this knowledge exchange and interaction across continents. ISNAD-Africa remains committed to raising environmentally conscious populace and workforce in our strive for a greener and climate-resilient Africa.

The webinar recording can be viewed here.

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