TENEWA, A young Entrepreneur’s hope-based project

According to Arancha González, if there is one thing Africa  needs to do better, it is ‘is celebrating local entrepreneurs’.  It is in line with this thought that ISNAD-Africa has sets out to identify local initiatives that promote sustainable green growth on the continent.

One of such which comes to the spotlight is the young Cameroonian entrepreneur Fabrice Tayimetha Ndongmo. Ndongmo found a means to transform his theoretical knowledge to a pragmatic response to the needs of his environment in terms of energy supply. In other words, he trained himself to think out of the box, thus engaging on the course of innovation. This led him to the creation of TENEWA, a project which earned him an international Award.

Born in 1987 in Douala (Cameroon), Ndongmo is currently a student in Engineering of sustainable sources and solutions, electricity and Electromagnetic option at Polytechnique Montréal (EDUlib). A study plan he chose after graduating from the University of Yaounde II Cameroon in Economic engineering. His high school curriculum was focused on Experimental Sciences and Mathematics.

After several attempts to gain experience in the labour market through the status of employee, he was confronted with the harsh reality of unemployment. He had to think outside the box.

A display of ingenuity

Considering that energy is the engine of the world’s economy, Fabrice Tayimetha Ndongmo pondered on the knowledge he received  as a student in Economic Engineering. According to his statement, 

our professor of macrodynamics always told us that it is necessary to produce because it is the starting point of the economic, statistical, management applications etc. From these words, I asked myself one question: How do I produce?

The answer which came to my mind was Clean Energy, unlimited and at an affordable cost! 

It is this energy that will boost the world’s economy. I worked on complex physical and mathematical formulas for seven years to find out how to produce this energy.  Thank God I finally found out how to produce it!”.

TENEWA, a hope based project


The inspiration prompted Ndongmo  to found TENEWA – Together for Energy, Environment and Water. The organization’s motto is Equality, Prosperity and Durability. Theirof  goal is improving the living conditions of citizens (mobility, heating, lighting, cooking and communication) by providing to each and everyone  clean, unlimited and affordable electrical energy.

The main achievements of Ndongmo are mainly  in the agricultural (magnetoculture) and energy (Sun’s radiant ) sectors.

In agriculture, he has developed an agricultural technique using electromagnetic fields as fertilizer and pesticide.

In energy, he has made a voltage and signal amplifier (220 volts input and 1200 volts output). The amplifier enables the functionalities of high-speed trains, electric cars, drones and geostationary satellites using just a very small amount of energy.

In addition, he has designed a very high voltage accumulator. The powerful battery (10kV-72kV) complies with the strict standard used in the automotive industry, ensuring the safety, quality and reliability required in passenger vehicles, and also meets the requirements of applications in medical machinery, oil and gas, grid, and renewable energy production.

Ndongmo proudly says “For this I was the only African to be selected in the final phase of an international competition on technological innovation (ENZEN 2019). My project was among the 27 best projects out of 630 nominations”.

Networking outreach

Despite this commendable track record, TENEWA is facing funding issues; and seeks honest partners who share similar vision and passion.  In order to have this need met, the Company has engaged itself in local communication and participation in colloquium.

Being an influence in the next generation

The young entrepreneur is foreseeing himself in 10 years among the giants  in the world of technology such as Elon Musk, Mark Zukenberg, Jack Ma, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many others. His desire is to serve as a model to the younger generations and enlighten them by sharing his achievements and debates on both online and offline platforms. As of now, he greatly encourages young graduates and non-graduates to believe in their talents and to be very creative.

Ndongmo is always thankful for every opportunity given to him to share his ideas and projects. His hope is that the world will understand his vision and contribute therein to build a better world.

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