Call for Proposals: Development of Web-Based Audio-Visual Convergence and Networking Platform

The International Support Network for African Development (ISNAD-Africa) is a youth-led non-governmental organisation committed to raising global and multi-stakeholder support for greener and climate-resilient Africa. ISNAD-Africa operates an interdisciplinary network of experienced professionals, researchers and students across the globe who are promoting sustainable energy, environmental sustainability and climate action in Africa.

More information on our programmes and activities can be obtained in this short video explainer:

ISNAD-Africa is inviting proposals from highly qualified, experienced website development companies to develop and implement its multilingual audio-visual convergence and networking platform.

The platform will have the following features:

  • Responsive design with beautiful frontend layouts
  • User-friendly and interactive back-end dashboard
  • User registration and login system.
  • Automated email confirmation by means of unique links sent to registered emails
  • A password reset system
  • Creation and updating of profiles by users
  • In-platform messaging, audio and video calling
  • Professional (personal) project listing, profiling, and updating by users
  • Group formation and group project listing by users
  • Project categorization by themes, country and other factors
  • Excellent and easy navigation of projects and personal profiles by themes and sub-themes
  • Automated mapping of personal and project profiles by themes and location (country)
  • Project automated mapping by themes and country
  • Automated notification system for project submission and approval, chats, etc.
  • Data analytics on platform visits, clicks, profiles, etc.
  • Multilingual feature

The successful proponent will be one that has experience in implementing similar projects, and expertise with best practices regarding:

  • responsive full-stack website development and deployment
  • user experience and usability testing
  • data analytics and security
  • information architecture
  • search engine optimization

Interested and qualified proponents should submit their proposals (using “Garamond” font of size “12” and 1.15 line spacing prepared in English in PDF format) to ISNAD-Africa not later than Friday May 8, 2020 by email to: (copy: The subject line of the email should be “Web Development: ISNAD-Africa Audio-visual Convergence and Networking Platform – [Proponent’s Name]”.

There is no preferred format for the proposal layout, however, it should clearly and sufficiently demonstrate the capacity and experience of the proponent to develop the platform. The proposal should provide in detail, how the proponent plans to go about the project, including web technologies to be used (e.g. Angular.JS, MongoDB, etc.), server/hosting considerations, links to similar platform(s) developed by the proponent, the required duration for platform development, budget (fully in USD to aid comparability), suggestions, among other necessary content that best profile the proponent as the best-suited for the project. There will be high consideration for proponents who will be available to revise the platform based on feedback of stakeholders after the launching and use of platform. While high quality technical expertise, experience and job description are considered important proposal evaluation factors, a high consideration will be given to proponents with high level of cost effectiveness (reasonable and minimised budget) given the nature of our organisation as a youth-led and a not-for-profit operating in a developing country.

The proposal should be sent in with a cover letter as a single document in PDF format with the cover letter should be addressed to:

The Executive Director,
International Support Network for African Development (ISNAD-Africa)
Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law
7, Parry Road, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

Proponents are to direct any inquiries regarding the call for proposals to: (copy:

Inquiries should be labelled “Inquiry: ISNAD-Africa Audio-Visual Convergence and Networking Platform”. Each inquiry should include the inquirer’s name, firm, telephone number and email address. As far as possible, ISNAD-Africa will issue the responses to any questions, suitably anonymised, to all proponents.

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