EEP 2021: Cooking Gas from Manure in Kenya (Progress Report)

Nakuru Day Secondary School is a Mixed Public- Sub County level- Day Secondary School in Nakuru County, Kenya. The school was started in 1965 and has since grown from a one stream school to a four streamed school with a population of 924 students. The school has various clubs and societies that are organized and run by students for instance the environmental club. The environmental club is involved in various environmental activities within the school such as tree planting, garbage collection, maintaining the school’s flower gardens and occasionally maintaining a kitchen garden. The club also engages in community service such as doing community cleanups, tree planting programs and sensitization walks in collaboration with neighboring schools and corporates such as Lions Club, Kenya Red Cross Society, The Scouting Movement and Church organizations. This year, the school is proud to have an opportunity to work with ISNAD-Africa through the Environmental Education Program (EEP) in the Biogas project aimed at enhancing the use of alternative environmentally friendly source of energy.

Project Motivation

The core objective of the school’s environmental club is to conserve the environment by engaging in environmental conservation activities such as planting trees within and outside school. Therefore, working on projects geared towards preventing the cutting of trees as a source of energy, provides us with an opportunity for the club to achieve its objective. The Biogas project, which is supported by ISNAD- Africa through the EEP has granted us a huge opportunity for us to conserve the environment. Currently, the school is using about 10 tone of firewood that cost 68,000/= Through the project the school is expected to save on the amount of fire wood used in the school kitchen significantly. Our projection is that the biogas project will help save the use of firewood by about 20% of the current use which translates to about 20,000.00. per term. The school finds this project as better alternative use of energy and its planning to rollout a bigger biogas unit since the school is targeting 0% use of firewood which will save the school money that could be used in other school programs.

Our project advisor is Sara Windjue, an award-winning Educator from Wisconsin USA. She has been in touch with the team constantly through emails and virtual meetings. We have had meetings through internet calls where we have shared what is happening on the ground such as on the milestone we have made in regards to project implementation. She has been of great help not only on encouraging and motivating the students but on sharing information that will help the teams know what other teams are doing out there in other parts of the world and what this program is expecting of us now and what is ahead of us.

Your Activities on The Project thus far

So far, we have been able to do the following:

  1. We prepared the site for the biogas installation

  2. We procured the necessary items and on 3rd April 2021 with the help of a biogas technician Mr. James Njoroge, we were able the put up the Biogas unit.

  3. Monitoring the process as the gas builds up.

  4. Securing the Biogas plant with a perimeter chain link fence.

  5. Day 18 of Gas build up after installation.

  6. Commissioning of the use of the biogas plant for the school kitchen.

Our next line of action:

  • To educate the rest of the school community on how the projects works and how it stands to make our environment better with view that they can also embrace such projects at their homes so that together we can bring positive change on our environment. If they starting biogas units in their homes like ours, they will help reduce the use of firewood too hence a safer environment.
  • To invite parents and guardians to witness the functioning of the Biogas unit with the aim of sensitizing them to start the same at home.


The idea of the Biogas project was very timely and a blessing to Nakuru Day Secondary School community thanks to the Support of ISNAD- Africa through the EEP. Without this support this wonderful idea of the Biogas started by the Environmental Club under the leadership of Faith Shikuku would not have seen the light of the day. Thank you so much once again for the Support. The project will go a long way to help the school save cash as it conserves the environment.