My  name is Orji Goodness and the rest of my team mates are  Mbah Gabriel, Uja Princess , Shapera Alfred and 

Adaoluwa Ambassador. We are the Team Bionet Flexi digester, and we all are students of CAC Church secondary school Makurdi Benue State. Thanks to ISNAD-Africa’s Environmental Education Programme and the Support of the World Wild Fund – WWF, we are developing a mobile and cost-effective Biogas production Equipment. The purpose of our project is to grant so many people access to clean and cheap means of generating energy for cooking and lighting homes at night. We have identified our target audience as people living in rural and underserved communities that do not have stable economic opportunities. Most of them live on less than a dollar per day. Considering the current situation in the raise of price for LPG in Nigeria, most families have not been motivated to adapt or transition into the use of LPG for cooking despite having the knowledge that LPG is a clean source of energy for cooking, instead they rely on harmful energies such as wood and charcoal which are harmful to their health. 

During our work on the project, we started off by Ideating our identified problem statement as a main reason and a mirror to reflect on, we then moved ahead to develop our designs after conducting series of research on the best techniques and technologies that can help us achieve our goal. We further proceeded to the selection of materials for our project ensuring that all the materials we will be using for developing our products are safe, nontoxic and user friendly. The materials we have used in the development of this innovation are, TEG thermo electric Generator, TPO /Trampoline membrane, some batteries, LED and heat welding machine. 


Afterwards, we combined all the materials gotten beginning with the construction of our gas burner by fitting it with heat exchangers that are able to convert temperature differences into electrical energy, we then fix Light Emitting Diodes to serve for the purposes of elimination and batteries to store the energy collected during cooking hours so that the energy can be utilized during the night for reading.  

At this point we had to pause the process of developing our technology as we are currently experiencing some delay with purchasing one of the key instruments for soldering our foldable and inflatable gas balloons and digesters. However, we are optimistic as we embark on the second phase of the project, in the meantime, we are optimizing the gas burner for better performance while we await the arrival of the soldering machine. 

We would like to offer our profound gratitude to our Advisor, Ms. Maureen Ferry, whose expertise has challenged us to do more and our teachers who have contributed immensely to making this a possibility. 

  • Orji Goodness