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Notre directeur exécutif, Adedoyin Adeleke, a participé à la seconde édition du laboratoire d’innovation bisannuel Affordable Energy for Humanity (Juin 19-21) à l’Université Waterloo situé à Waterloo, Canada ; une invitation gracieuse du Prof Jatin Nathwani. Le laboratoire d’innovation a été organisé par l’Institut Waterloo pour les énergies renouvelables (WISE) dirigé par Prof Jatin Nathwani, […]


MON PARCOURS ET MES EXPERIENCES SUR LA SCÈNE INTERNATIONALE –LA CONFÉRENCE Depuis mon admission au Programme de mentorat pour la recherche (MRP) en 2018, un programme du Réseau international d’appui au développement de l’Afrique (ISNAD-Africa), j’ai aujourd’hui (août 2019) assisté, participé et présenté les résultats de mes recherches lors de deux conférences internationales en Europe. […]


La HOMER International Microgrid Conference du 7 au 9 octobre à Cambridge, Massachusetts présente des micro-réseaux du monde entier Boulder, Colorado, 29 août 2019 — La septième conférence annuelle HOMER International Microgrid Conference aura lieu du 7 au 9 octobre à Cambridge, Massachusetts. La conférence attire des ingénieurs, des développeurs d’énergie distribuée, des fabricants d’équipements, […]

Économie robuste, système financier essentiel pour inverser l’épuisement de la nature

Pour réaliser la conservation mondiale de la nature et la biodiversité dans les pays africains, la directrice exécutive pour l’Afrique du Fonds mondial pour la nature (WWF), Alice Ruhweza, a déclaré que la transformation des systèmes économiques et financiers du monde restait essentielle pour inverser l’épuisement de la nature et atteindre les ODD. Ruhweza a […]

‘Robust economy, financial system critical to reversing nature’s depletion’

To achieve the global nature conservation and biodiversity across African countries, Africa Executive Director for Wide World Fund for Nature (WWF), Alice Ruhweza has said the transformation of the world’s economic and financial systems remains critical to reversing nature’s depletion and achieving SDGs. Ruhweza also said the continent must strengthen international mechanisms including engagement of […]

Mwanga: The Mentoring for Research Programme facilitates networking and learning from international experts

Dr. Elia Mwanga, a Mentee of the MRP 2018 Cohort, is a Lecturer at the University of Dodoma, Tanzania.  Specialized in Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law and Intellectual Property Law, his research project was on the “Legal and Policy Challenges of Integrating Indigenous Knowledge Systems into Climate Change Strategies in Mainland Tanzania”. He shares his perspective […]

Ouko highly recommends MRP for African graduate students

Dr. Caroline Ouko, an Alumni of the Mentoring for Research Programme (MRP) 2018 Cohort, graduated with a PhD in Environmental Policy.  Her dissertation topic was on ‘Governance Dilemma and Sustainable Provision of Ecosystem Services by Mt. Marsabit Forest, Kenya’. She shares her research journey, motivations for the chosen topic and what she benefited from the programme. Congrats on the completion of […]

Bessah: ISNAD-Africa Mentoring for Research Programme Breaks Racial and Continental Barriers

Dr. Enoch Bessah, an Alumni of the MRP, graduates with a PhD in Environmental Management. He shares his experience on the programme, the research journey and subsequently joining ISNAD-Africa as an Associate. Congrats on the completion of your PhD programme. Would you like to tell us about yourself? I am Enoch Bessah from Ghana. I hold a Master’s degree […]

HOMER Energy 2019 Conference to Explore Rapidly Diversifying Microgrid Market

The HOMER International Microgrid Conference October 7-9 in Cambridge, MA will showcase microgrids from around the world Boulder, CO, August 29, 2019 — The 7th annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference will take place in Cambridge, Massachusetts from October 7-9. Acknowledging the explosion in popularity of microgrids worldwide, the conference will explore the lessons that can […]

ISNAD-AFRICA MRP PROGRAMME: An essential programme for graduate research students in African Universities – Philip Omenge

My Journey and experience in the international arena – The conference angle Since my admission in 2018 to the Mentorship for Research Programme (MRP), a programme of the International Support Network of Africa Development (ISNAD-Africa), I have up to now (August 2019) attended, participated and presented my research findings in two international conferences in Europe.  […]

Adedoyin meets three mentors, courtesy of Prof. Jatin Nathwani

Our Executive Director, Adedoyin Adeleke, participated at the second edition of Affordable Energy for Humanity biennial Innovation Lab (June 19-21), at the Univeristy of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada; courtesy of an invitation from Prof. Jatin Nathwani. The innocvation lab was organised by Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE) led by Prof. Jatin Nathwani, to chart […]

Khalafallah: To make an impact, dedicate time to worthy causes you believe in

Who is Yasmin Khalafallah? Tell us about your educational background, job, interests or hobbies I studied Economics at the undergraduate level and then went on to obtain a graduate degree in Environment and Sustainable Development from the Bartlett School for the Built Environment, University College London. So it was a mixture of sustainable development issues […]

An exchange between CIPSEM-Dresden and ISNAD-Africa on Environmental Education

CIPSEM Dresden:  In-depth exchange of experience related to environmental management, both with German experts and among fellow professionals from around the world, is a necessity for Sustainable development. For over 40 years, the Centre for International Postgraduate Studies of Environmental Management (CIPSEM), Germany in partnership with the German government, UNESCO and UN Environment has offered […]

Call for Volunteers: Programme and Communication Associates (Remotely)

The International Support Network for African Development (ISNAD-Africa) is a youth-led non-governmental organisation committed to raising global and multi-stakeholder support for greener and climate-resilient Africa. ISNAD-Africa operates an interdisciplinary network of experienced professionals, researchers and students across the globe who are promoting sustainable energy, environmental sustainability and climate action in Africa. ISNAD-Africa is currently implementing […]