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2020 webinars series in partnership with the Clean Energy Solutions Centre and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

ISNAD-Africa organises a series of webinar trainings annually to introduce the programme to new mentees and expose them to strategic concerns on sustainable energy, environment and climate change across the globe with focus on Africa. The series of webinars for the year 2020 were hosted by the MRP team in partnership with the Clean Energy Solutions Centre (CESC), operated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado, United States.


L’adhésion à de multiples conventions internationales en faveur des femmes (de la Convention sur les droits politiques des femmes en 1952 au Protocole relatif à l’élimination de toutes les formes de discrimination à l’égard des femmes en 1999) a été à l’origine d’un important dynamisme qui a contribué à la construction et déconstruction de modèles […]


Une entreprise qui intègre les principes de développement durable à sa stratégie et à ses opérations se fixe pour objectif de maintenir un système convivial continu qui promeut des valeurs sociétales et environnementales progressistes, tout en impliquant les parties prenantes internes et externes. L’éco-efficacité est considérée comme un concept économique et environnemental qui s’inscrit dans […]


UN NOUVEAU COURANT DE PENSÉES POUR LE DÉVELOPPEMENT DURABLE Conformément au rapport Brundtland, « le développement durable est un mode de développement qui répond aux besoins des générations présentes sans compromettre la capacité des générations futures de répondre aux leurs ». Ce concept a été introduit par Gro Harlem Brundtland en 1987. Depuis, nombreuses variantes du […]

TENEWA, A young Entrepreneur’s hope-based project

According to Arancha González, if there is one thing Africa  needs to do better, it is ‘is celebrating local entrepreneurs’.  It is in line with this thought that ISNAD-Africa has sets out to identify local initiatives that promote sustainable green growth on the continent. One of such which comes to the spotlight is the young […]

ISNAD-Africa Environmental Education Programme Interactive Session With the students at MADA International College, Yaounde Cameroon

The Environmental Education Programme (EEP) seeks to raise the awareness of secondary school students on the challenges and opportunities in the green growth in Africa. The programme is conducted anually under the supervision of Ms Sonma Agatha-Christy Okoro, the Manager, Administration of ISNAD-Africa. The objective is to facilitate critical thinking towards finding sustainable solutions to […]

A new mind-set pattern for Sustainable development

According to the Brundtland report, “Sustainable development is a mode of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. This concept was introduced to the world by Gro Harlem Brundtland in 1987. Since then, this concept  has been adopted in several variations by […]

The Parallelism of Eco-efficiency and Profitability in Companies

A company that integrates sustainable development principles to its strategy and operations sets goals to maintain a continuous friendly system that promotes progressive societal and environmental values, while involving internal and external stakeholders. Eco-efficiency is considered an economic and environmental concept that goes in line with the spirit of sustainable development. It was developed by […]

The perception of genderhood in sustainability

The adoption of multiple international conventions in favour of women (from the Convention of political Rights of women, 1952 to the Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, 1999) launched a great dynamism contributing to the construction and deconstruction of paradigms linked to the social role attributed to […]