My name is Orji Goodness, I am a 17-year-old student at CAC secondary school Makurdi and the student project leader. I want to express my gratitude for all that we have been taught from the program by our Advisor and the EEP coordinator. With the knowledge gained so far, I now understand how best to take care of my environment. The program has opened me up to new challenges and better ways of navigating through them, I have gained critical thinking skills, how to manage risk and also work in a team. I want to thank ISNAD-AFRICA, WWF Sweden, and our Advisor Ms. Maureen Ferry Cuellar for all the support they have provided for us to work on our project to put forward a positive change in our community we are so happy about the impact our project is having on our audience so far and much more excited about the change it will grow into. 


My name is Mbah Gabriel, a student at CAC secondary school and team member of Environment Education Programme (EEP). I will like to express my delight towards our project BIONET, and appreciation to our advisor, my group and most especially to ISNAD Africa WWF Sweden for their support towards sponsoring EEP. For the success of our project (BIONET), we faced a lot of challenges including critical thinking, project exhibition, time management. At the course of our project exhibition, we visited our schoolteacher’s lodge to exhibit our project for their awareness and the tse kaave village to exhibit our project in many homes. With the feedback gotten so far, the community members said that BIONET is more reliable, simple and safe to use compared to their local jeopardized means of cooking and energy generating. I want to use this opportunity to thank Ms. Maureen Ferry for all her support towards encouraging and putting us through at the course of our project. And finally, thanks to ISNAD Africa and WWF Sweden for sponsoring EEP. 


I am Uja Princess, a 16-year-old student of CAC Secondary School. I am the only female member of my team for the Environmental Education Program (EEP) at my school. Via the platform provided by the EEP, my eyes have been opened to challenges faced by my immediate environment, and how to tackle them. I have gained a lot of knowledge from my advisor and teammates; a new level of critical thinking and problem solving, risk management and improved social skills. As I worked with my teammates on our group project, I have become more aware of the things happening around me. I express my gratitude for all these things. In addition, I would also like to show appreciation for all the support provided to us by ISNAD-AFRICA and WWF. With continuous efforts, we are very optimistic on making a positive impact in our community. 


Working on project Bionet flexi digester has been a great learning experience for me, I am proud to say that through this program I have started my journey of change making, my name is Adaoluwa Ambassador, and I am a ISNAD-Africa young change maker! 


This program has provided a great learning experience that has given me more insight on the problems affecting people around me and the environment. Working on our project exposed me deep into how being part of something positive just requires a little action and change will be achieved. Being a part of the team working on our project has exposed me to life in a new way, I now feel responsible for my actions because I know if I take the right action, it will create a positive change, I have gained numerous opportunities, skills, and knowledge but the most that excites me is how to think outside the box. My appreciation goes to my teachers, our advisor, ISNAD-Africa, and the WWF Sweden, you all are the best. Thank you so much. I am Shapera Alfred from Team Bionet Flexi digester, CAC secondary school Makurdi, Nigeria. 

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