Environmental Sustainability Initiative (ESI)

As part of the Mentoring for Research Programme (MRP), ISNAD-Africa will be supporting mentees admitted into the programme to implement environmental sustainability initiatives in their communities. This initiative is aimed at encouraging youth to develop and implement new approaches and solutions to environmental concerns in their locality. ESI welcome ideas aimed at promoting environmental sustainability from dimensions including but not limited to environmental awareness and education, hands-on project such as Tree Planting, waste management, plastic-based initiative, among others. While the project is implemented at small scale at this stage, it is envisaged to instil environmental consciousness across African countries through the efforts of the youth.

Expected Outcome:

At the completion of the project, you would be required to submit a report (2 pages/750 words) and high-resolution pictures. Where possible, you may submit video clip.

Each of the projects will be posted on a dedicated page on our website. This will increase the visibility of the project given the high traffic on the website; the website is visited from 15 countries daily on the average and has been visited from 163 countries since it was launched. All the projects will be profiled and circulated on international platforms where we operate.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Creativity/Novelty of the concept
  2. Target audience – outreach with those that have not being reached environment education opportunities are will be ranked more than those that have access to environmental education
  3. Cost Effectiveness
  4. Cost Effectiveness
    • Quality of documentation – Quality of writing, pictures and videos (where possible)
    • Number of people reached – with evidence of picture

To apply, please fill the form below.

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