What Fruitful Vines College students team learnt from participating in the Environmental Education Programme (EEP2021) organized by ISNAD – Africa. 

Benjamin Patrick: During the Environmental – Education Programme 2021 project, I learnt a lot about environmental pollution, what causes it and the solutions. It taught me how to protect the environment and do what I can to prevent it from becoming corrupted. And for that I am forever grateful to ISNAD – Africa.


Akintoye Favour: I learnt a lot about agriculture. I also learnt how to use bottles to create farm structure. From the project, I learnt how to recycle materials. I also got to know how to use PET bottles to support farmers during dry season. 

Aboluwade God’sTreasure: I learnt that bottles can also be used to build farm structures and to create irrigation system, which has better sustainability instead of other expensive materials. Bottles can also be re-used to prevent environmental pollution. Thank you!

Babalola Peace: I learnt that everything that you think is nonsense, you can
make sense out of it. I also learnt that nothing is a waste, even dirty water can be recycled to become useful.

Olatunji Glory: From this project, I learnt that there is a way to convert all waste to useful resources. I also learnt the connection between irrigation and storage.  

Lukman Fatimah: From the project, I learnt how to recycle materials which have already been used by individuals into useful things which will reduce environmental menace in the country, materials that can be recycled are plastic bottles, dirty water, etc into other useful things.  

Akande Isaac: I learnt that waste plastic bottles can be used in ways that are beneficiary to the environment.


Adeniyi Esther: Nothing is a waste. The ability of a person to innovate goes a long way to help other people. 


Olukanni Deborah: I learnt that things which are a source of menace in the society can be gathered and even used to help the environment. I also, learnt that I as an individual can help my immediate environment and the larger environment. Lastly, I learnt that I can help in contribution to the growth and well–being of my environment.

Agboluaje Eyitayo: I learnt that nothing in this world is a waste. I see bottles as source of waste, but with the project we just did, I can now see the advantages of these bottles. I never expect that those bottles can be used to make that storage building but it did! 

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