Energy and Environment

Progressively supporting capacity development, research and project development on sustainable energy in Africa


Actively implementing programmes for educational development in Africa

The Challenge

While there are efforts by various stakeholders to address some of the barriers to sustainable energy development in Africa, the inadequacy of skilled human resource remains almost unattended to.  Yet, adequate human capacity is crucial to the optimum conversion of Africa’s huge sustainable energy resources to drive socioeconomic development.  Therefore, there is need to bridge the knowledge gap if appreciable socioeconomic development must be achieved through sustainable energy development.

Therefore, Sustainable energy research activities have been limited due to the inadequate human resource with expertise on sustainable energy research in African universities. Therefore, many innovative research ideas have remained unexplored; limiting creativity and innovations in sustainable energy on the continent.

About Us

Through various initiatives, ISNAD-Africa seeks to:

  • support students in African universities interested in conducting research on various sustainable energy, environment and climate change topics in their disciplines
  • support researchers around the globe interested in conducting research on sustainable energy, environment and climate change topics in Africa
  • facilitate capacity development programmes and technical meetings on sustainable energy, environment and climate change

Past and Present Partners

International Accreditations and Memberships

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