Nova Pioneer Tatu Girls, Kenya – Impact Story



I am Purity Maina, a student at Nova pioneer Tatu Girls. I appreciate that ISNAD Africa gave us an opportunity to devise a product that can actually sell in the market and also sensitize people from poor communities on the need to take clean drinking water. It was fun going out to the community and actually completing questionnaires and giving a presentation about our product. We are grateful to our school and teachers for the support. 



My name is Angela, a student at Nova Pioneer Tatu Girls. I want to take this opportunity to thank ISNAD-Africa for providing me and our school with an opportunity to showcase our skills in innovation and also to see how the less fortunate members of the community struggle to get adequate clean water. I would like to thank our school, Nova Pioneer, for the skills I have acquired in project management. 



My name is Joy Karoki, and I am in Form 3 at Nova Pioneer Tatu girls. I have walked this OASIS journey from start to finish and I would really like to appreciate the support that ISNAD-Africa have been providing us with skills, financial and interactive sessions that were really helpful. I will miss the zoom sessions as we were able to conference with people from outside our country. The opportunity has opened my feelings for conservation and waste management and would very much like to pursue conservation and recycling as a hobby in future. 



I am Zahra Odula and I couldn’t be more grateful to ISNAD-Africa for giving us the opportunity to help the various families that accepted the system we made. It brings me great relief and happiness that we were able to improve the families water consumption and hopefully their health. We may not have curbed the entire problem that affects people worldwide, but it is heartwarming to see that we added a drop. 



My name is Rita Palmeris and I have a multitude of benefits that ISNAD-Africa has helped me realize. To begin with, it led me to enhance my teamwork skills and this is useful especially in the modern world where one has to learn to work together to realize goals and achieve greater milestones. I have also been able to improve my critical thinking skills whenever we encountered problems and a solution to counter it was urgently required. To be able to go out to the neighbouring community was an activity that truly recall all the years of my life as I got to interview the people and get their scope on their current situation and that greatly impacted me. Once again, I am truly grateful to ISNAD-Africa for opening such windows of opportunity for me. 





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