Teach-In Climate and Justice Event at United Baptist Academy, Nigeria 


We had a Teach-In Climate and Justice Event in our school and it was attended by 58 students, 7 staff and 2 parents. 



There were three breakout sessions. 




For the first session, the students were asked to say what the first thing that came to their mind was when they heard of climate change. The students said temperature, changes in rainfall pattern, drought, human activities, air pollution were the first things that came to their minds. 




During the second session, we discussed what climate change is and how it causes global warming. We asked them what they would like to know about climate change. The students were interested in knowing the impacts of climate change in terms of afforestation, overpopulation, global warming and chemical wastage. 



And for the third session, we selected some topics like religious and climate change, solar power and discussed about them. We also talked about what is happening in our local community and how the students can be involved. 

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